Established in 2014, Gate to Pay is specialized in offering tailored payment solutions. Operating within the FinTech domain, Gate to Pay is committed to delivering fully-fledged solutions, enabling partners to facilitate instant digital payments all over the globe.
They are launching their new product called “Family Pay”
Through pre-paid Mastercards accompanied with a smart mobile application accounts, the family product introduces a new era of family-oriented financial tools with full control over family spending, directed towards families of all sizes, the family product aims to empower families with securely customized payment tools, allowing full parental control, while enabling instant money transfers between all family members. The family product allows instant, free transfers between any and all family members. Parents can also set automatic/ scheduled payments to all family members. And they have a loyalty program allowing all family members to earn loyalty points from their spending, pooling into a combined family loyalty wallet. Parents can easily redeem loyalty points through cash back pay with points and transfer points they also offer added value services
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